Win The Button

By its terms of the English “win the button” translates “wins the button”. In the Win The Button format tournaments, the winner of each boat is rewarded with the dealer button. In some Win The Button tournaments the button changes to the normal button in the last stages of the tournament.

This is one of the most recent tournament formats in the Poker stars room, its debut was made in event 59 of WCOOP 2016, and now the format can be played online daily in buy-ins tournaments starting at $ 2.20. In addition, two weekly ‘Major’ tournaments are held on Saturdays, one with a buy-in of $ 55 that has a guaranteed of $ 25,000 and the ‘Mini Major’ with a buy-in of $ 5.50 and a guarantee of $ 5,000.

When playing in the Win The Button tournaments you gain a strategic advantage over the other opponents every time you win the pot, since you can play from the most privileged position of the table in the next hand, the button. When a player has the button he does not need to make mandatory or blind bets, he will be the last to bet allowing him to steal the blinds of the other players. Conversely, if a player on your right one or two positions wins the button you are going to have a great disadvantage – as you will play in the blinds and you will have to bet first.


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