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Poker stars has a wide variety of tournament formats, and some are quite out of the ordinary, such as Time Tourney and Win The Button. Surely you have ever played in a tournament with one of these formats. Time Tourney have a defined period of time to distribute the prize and this is distributed according to the amount of chips that the player has collected, while the Win tournaments are tournaments like any other but with the difference that the button does not rotate Sequentially but is assigned to the player who wins the previous pot.

The Time Tourney and Win The Button tournaments were created by Stars with the aim of getting out of the monotony of regular tournaments. But these are not the only special tournaments that have room, Pokerstars has a variety of special format tournaments that are highly sought after by players. The main purpose of these tournaments is to give recreational players greater opportunities to defend their bankroll. Below we’ll talk more about these two particular tournaments in the Stars room.

Time Tourney

To begin we must understand its terms of English “time tourney” that translate “tournament of time”. Time Tourney are a special type of tournaments where time has a pre-established duration. The duration in minutes of the tournament is specified in the tournament name and lobby.

Once a Tournament of Time Tourney is started the clock begins to dial, when the fixed time limit of play is reached the tournament will stop and the players that remain in game will receive a part of the prize bag according to the amount of chips Have. You can easily differentiate Time Tourney tournaments in the tournament lobby by the “clock” symbol.

The duration range of these tournaments is between 15 minutes to 3 hours, and vary in the number of levels and structure, you can check these details in the tournament before registration. This type of tournaments is suitable for those players who do not have much time to play or want to try other types of tournaments other than the regular ones; Plus the cost of entry is affordable for all pockets, from as little as $ 1.

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