Flops That Agree And Do Not Convince In Hold’em

Below we will present some examples of flops that are convenient and others that are not convenient in the mode of Hold’em. It does not mean that we can be sure that in all cases this is applicable, but in most cases it is.

Flop with Consecutive Cards:

If the flop appears with three consecutive cards (even if they appear in disorder) in a Hold’em hand, it is not advisable to bet if we do not even have a card that complements the ladder; Even sometimes it is not even convenient to raise the bet by having two complementary cards that form the full ladder, as some more players can achieve a ladder greater than ours with the flop or with another of the remaining community.

So when it comes to a ladder project we must be careful even if we form a low ladder; In this case, it is more advisable to make a slight raise and try to keep raising slightly in each round so as not to risk all of our chips. If, on the other hand, the ladder we have completed is high we do not have to worry and we can make a strong raise or go all-in.

Flop with Letters of the Same Pinta:

We often rely on the flop of one or two pairs with our personal cards, and then we bet lightly without looking at the three community cards in detail. Have we really done a color analysis of the flop cards, to see if there are two or three cards of the same pint? It is very important to ask this question from now on before throwing our chips to the front, as many novice players lose a boat very easy for this fact.

So when on the flop three cards of the same color appear that do not match our personal cards, we’d better start doubting that someone can have the full color or be waiting for a card to appear on the turn or river for Complete it. Even if there are two cards of the same pint on the flop we must play with caution, but not with fear, since in many cases we can get the best play to take the pot.

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