Flop with Low Couple

The flop represents the first three community cards of the five dealt in Hold’em and therefore have a large impact on a poker game. Although sometimes it seems that we have been favored by the flop is not always really, sometimes we believe that we have a flop suitable for us but in fact it may be a mistake to bet that hand.

A flop with two cards of the same value although low may represent a risky hand, since a player can form a trio with pocket cards. However, it can also be a good opportunity to make a bluff as it is very likely that our rivals do not actually have the other card to form the trio.

What is advisable in this case is to make a slight bet or double the bet made by another player (in short, make a bet that is not risky for our stack). In many occasions this works, since our rivals may think that we have the trio and we can seize the boat.

Flop with Trio:

Although it does not happen very often if it happens with some frequency that three cards of the same value appear on the flop. A rookie player just watching a flop of these would retire immediately, but if we know to take advantage of this flop we can even take the pot sometimes.

In this case it is also recommended to use the bluff technique, we must make a slight bet or double the bet made by another player. We can more easily secure this type of play if we have a high kicker or better two high cards. Usually, it is very difficult for someone to complete the poker or quads – so we can try without raising the bet too much.

However, this play must be done with caution, only with slight raises, as there is also a high possibility that a player has a pair in his pocket and complete a full with the flop.




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